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Monday, December 3, 2007

My Movie Recommendations: Ideal for cold weather

I was snowing today, and it brought to mind some Bollywood films I would love to sit at home and watch. This week-- It's raining and snowing (in New England at least), so I decided that I would want to watch films that are light, comical but not over the top. (sorry Govinda fans!)

Which then gave me the idea-- every week, I will recommend a set of films to watch that pertain to a certain topic.

This week, the recommendations consist of films that are funny or romantic, feel- good films that are touching, and that are good to watch on a cold rainy day like today!

So, the winners are:
  • Angoor-- Gulzar's adaption of Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors." Sanjeev Kumar and Devan Verma (who won a Filmfare award for Best Comedian) are great together.
    • Watch for: Sanjeev Kumar's expressions and mannerisms. Shahrukh Khan once said that his favorite line in the film was "Gang," simply because of Kumar's style.
  • Bawarchi-- Hrishikesh Mukherjee's charming film gets me every time. Rajesh Khanna is charming, and so is the old grandpa!
    • Watch for: The dialogues. It's amusing when Khanna brings up all the amazing people he has been a cook for. And one of my favorite lines is in the film: "It's simple to be happy, yet difficult to be simple."
  • Cheeni Kum-- Although I didn't like this movie at first, I have come to appreciate it. Amitabh and Tabu are great together, and the dialogues can be bold, which is great.
    • Watch for: The contemporary feel. It's very modern, in London but not a Karan Johar NRI film. And of course, Tabu.
  • Chupke Chupke-- One of my favorites! It's clever, and has a great star cast.
    • Watch for: The dialogues, again. Gulzar did a fine job with the botany terms Amitabh had to answer-- a role that is memorable, and replayed in this year's "Heyy Baby."
  • Dor-- It is one of my favorite films in recent times, but it fits in this category perfectly. Although it can be heavy, it's very touching.
    • Watch for: The cinematography and incredible locations of Rajhistan and Himachal Pradesh. The performances are brilliant as well, especially from two actresses who have two very different images (one as a bubbly actress, other as a model)
  • Life in a... Metro-- The Robert Altman technique done right. A story of many couples, living in Mumbai... again, contemporary, fun, but still serious at points.
    • Watch for: The music (even though Pritam's band popping up at every scene can get irritating). The performances are incredible (Shilpa's comeback and Konkona's first actual mainstream film), but the real star is definitely the story.