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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taare Zameen Par- A Winner

So I finally saw Taare Zameen Par-- and I do believe it has lived up to all the hype.

The performances by all, the realness of the movie (definitely one of the best Bollywood movies that has captured the cutthroat competition and expectations among Indian youth today), and the script were all brilliant and some reasons why this was one of the best Bollywood movies these past few years.

But-- the reason why this movie in particular has stunned critics and audiences everywhere is that, simply, it's different. First of all-- the movie isn't directed by a Nagesh Kukunoor or a Rituporno Ghosh. It's directed by the extremely mainstream, popular actor Aamir Khan (who also stars in it). Khan could have opted for an extremely masala movie, like his last film, Fanaa. But, he opted to make this film about a child who has dyslexia, and the struggle the child (Darsheel Safaray) faces at home and at school. There was no romantic angle, or any of the "ingredients" masala films usually demand, such as synchronized dance sequences or action scenes.

The script also deserves a special mention. The father of Safaray's character could have easily been portrayed as an unreasonable man who refuses to budge from his strict nature. This character was handled quite well. He wasn't so evil that he was unrelatable, but instead, a figure that people could easily relate to. Stories where children are the main characters haven't done too well in the past. Safaray's incredible performance and the realities of this story have made the movie a hit.

The film, albeit had a slow pace at some points-- was a touching and heart warming one to watch. With that said, this movie is one that is necessary for today's India.