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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Blog that, I admit, is Better than mine.

Sepia Mutiny is an incredible blog that covers almost every topic about India, and Indian Americans.

With a group of bloggers (called Mutineers), the subjects vary from Indian Idol to hate crimes, and to Bollywood. The site is simple, yet straightforward.

What I like about the site most is the tone it takes and the diversity in subject.

The tone:
  • it seems like the site is tailor made for me: an Indian- American born interested in politics and pop culture, both Indian and American.
  • Man bloggers have a fun, personal touch to it, which makes the posts more real and entertaining to read.
  • Any topic I would ever think of to post, Sepia Mutiny has it covered. Each blogger has a specific domain, or so it seems, which really means that each post has a personal touch to it-- like the blogger knows everything about, and is passionate about, what she's writing.
  • The Blog doesn't limit itself to South Asian-American issues. They definitely go beyond. For example, they talk about the racism involving Jena six-- an issue that everyone should know and be familiar with.