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Monday, October 22, 2007

Bollywood's Favorite back in jail

One of Bollywood's favorite actors, Sanjay Dutt, returned to jail on Monday, Oct. 22. He was convicted of possessing illegal weapons and having relations with the underworld in India. But the crime that he was charged with did not take place a month, or even a year ago. It happened thirteen years ago-- and at that time, Dutt spent sixteen months in jail.

The court finished examining his case in August, but Dutt was released on bail. Until now, that is. He was convicted with a six year sentence, one that seems quite harsh, seeing that the court decided that Dutt was not a terrorist or a threat.

Of course, the media is intently focusing on the story. But what I find more interesting is the emotional involvement of the common man-- from taxi drivers to doctors, everyone has been praying for Sanju Baba (as he is fondly called).

Both of Dutt's parents were extremely popular movie stars, who had strong Congress Party connections. Because of this, many politicians, such as Sonia Gandhi, have come out in support of Dutt.

I don't know if the court was fair or not to Dutt-- but I will definitely miss Bollywood's favorite Munnabhai.