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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Six- Pack Revolution

As I write about the relationship between Bollywood and politics, a huge segment of Bollywood is obsessing over Shahrukh Khan's (a popular Indian actor) new six-pack abs.

For his new movie, which is set to release next month, he has stripped (which means he took off his shirt in Bollywood terms) for a song in the movie. People are calling his new body a rebirth; not that he needed one.

The coverage in the media has been, I wouldn't say amazing, but overwhelming. On news channels, in newspapers, in blogs, all that is being talked about are Khan's abs.

Two years ago, Khan grew a mustache for one of his movies, which also garnered a similar craze. This time, there were interviews with Khan's trainer and articles about Khan's exercise schedules.

Although I do feel like the coverage in the media is a little ridiculous, it is also a turning point for Bollywood. Before, the main actors (or, should I say, heroes) never had great bodies. Actors with great bodies were just that-- actors, who happened to have great bodies.

Khan, because of his star power, has made six-pack abs a must-have for actors. His new look has in a way, reinvented the look of Bollywood heroes.