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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Young and the Restless

An NDTV article highlighted the young filmmakers in India who are "rewriting the rules" of Bollywood.

The article is absolutely right. One thing the article fails to mention is that most movies take a risk, not just in having less songs, but in having some sort of sociopolitical message.

Take Bhavna Talwar's film "Dharm," for example. The movie deals with issues of conflicts between Hinduism and Islam.

Reema Kagti's film "Honeymoon Travels, Pvt. Ltd" addressed how recently married older couples are accepted in society and even homosexuality.

Another such movie was Being Cyrus, an Alfred Hitchcock-ish film, was a movie based on Parsis, a cultural group that has been ignored for the most part in Bollywood since the 1980's.

And of course, there is Chak De India and Dor, two movies that I have written about in previous posts.

It does seem that young filmmakers have a new vision-- let's see how far they go.