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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Difficult, or just Impossible?

I often comment on how there is a lot of quality films coming out of Bollywood. They're just harder to come by because they don't spend much time in theaters, and are low budget.

I thought it was just harder-- not impossible. Dharm, a film that has garnered incredible reviews and much praise, and was even a contender to be the Oscar nominee for India, is almost impossible to find in America. There aren't any copies at local grocery stores (unless you settle for a copy where you see the audience in the theater getting up for popcorn-- but even those are hard to come by). They are not available for purchase (unless you're ok with giving your credit card number to extremely sketchy websites).

The film has incredible actors, is filmed in HD, went to the Cannes Film Festival-- and is impossible to find. These types of films don't appeal to the masses in India, so are usually buried and make no money at all. Sadly, next week-- Shah Rukh Khan's extremely commercial, over the top- high budget film Om Shanti Om will be hard to avoid.