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Monday, November 12, 2007

Less is more, Karan

A film about the struggle of a Muslim man after 9/11-- cliche, I think-- but not for Bollywood. The film industry finally decided to cover the subject, but who has decided to make the film?

It's a much talked about project with none other than Karan Johar-- master of commercial and big budget movies that make loads of money and could be so much better minus the over-the-top emotions and unnecessary drama. So, will Karan Johar be able to pull this movie off? Or will it be another film that ends up with a scene filmed on the lead actor walking around Times Square reminiscing about the time he was taken off a plane while a sad song plays in the background?

Whatever comes out of this project, "My Name is Khan," I do have to applaud Johar for not making another film about love and its hardships. Hopefully- he'll learn from the failure of his last movie, and learn that less is more.