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Monday, November 5, 2007

This Beats "My Super Sweet 16"

Not sure how much Bollywood stars actually mean to Indians, or should I say, the media? Just glance at the amount of coverage the "King Khan" Shahrukh Khan got on his birthday on Nov. 2. It might just be as much attention Britney Spear's crazy antics get in US papers. Here are some of the stories that have been written in honor of Khan's birthday: had three main stories for SRK:
  1. A to-do list for SRK's birthday, which included watching all his famous movies, reading his biographies, and watching promotions for his latest movie.
  2. Indiafm also had another story about a fan who shared her birthday with SRK.
  3. And an interview with the man himself, where he discussed his big day
Other websites had other angles:
  • added a feature where readers could post birthday wishes for SRK. There were 174 wishes the star.
  • The Times of India reported on what Farah Khan, the director of SRK's forthcoming movie, was going to get him (which, what a shocker-- would be an official print of the film).
  • Merinews didn't hide it- they just had a whole article dedicated to the star, chronicling his life, as if he made some big accomplishment. I guess for Merinews, that means turning 42.
It's sad how much coverage a birthday, (not even a birthday party!!) got in the Indian and international press.