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Friday, November 2, 2007

It's Too Much!!

I don't think there have ever been so many attempts by actors to promote their movies than this fall in Bollywood. Yes, actors in Hollywood go on talk shows to promote their film, but in Bollywood, actors go on singing reality shows, dance competitions, and anything else they can swing.

But these days, the attempts are going far beyond that. Jab We Met, a film that released last week to some good reviews, was hyped up incredibly by the leading actor, Shaahid Kapoor. He went on the local trains to promote the film, spoke to any journalist who would listen, and there are speculations that he asked his ex- girlfriend and co-star Kareena Kapoor to stay quiet about the break-up for a while, and then to break the silence at an important moment. They did finally go their separate ways, and Kareena's new love declared their relationship live at India's Fashion Week, which generated even more buzz than the break-up to start with.

Shahrukh Khan is doing even more for his film, Om Shanti Om, as he is known for. He has 30 A-list stars to dance in one of the songs in his film-- a first in Bollywood, which is being hyped beyond anything on television.

He has gifted the director of the film with a Mercedes-- apparently because he liked the film that much, which of course attracted even more media attention. His six- pack abs, his co-star's age, the director's pregnancy, the seventies feel of the movie-- are really all that Bollywood is buzzing about these days. The movie is releasing next week-- and it's mega promotion is definitely a first in Bollywood, and frankly, I can't wait until the crazyness is over.