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Monday, November 26, 2007

Where The UN meets Indian Idol

What do The United Nations, A.R. Rahman (the best composer in Bollywood, maybe India), a former Miss Universe, and a Hindi entertainment channel have in common?

A musical reality show, of course! The show is called "Mission Ustaad: Jaago India" (wake up India), which showcases big names in the Bollywood music scene, and has AR Rahman, Javed Akhtar (a lyricist) and Lara Dutta, former Miss Universe and now a Bollywood actress, as judges.

The show's goal is to unite and enlighten India through music. There will be four teams, and each will be competing to see which team will be able to bring to light many of India's problems.

The UN has a set of goals, titled The UN Millennium Development Goals, in which India has to complete certain promises by 2015. According to The Tribune, UN Millennium Campaign Director Salil Shetty said:
"If India does not achieve the MDGs by 2015, the world will not achieve them. For the marginalised people of India like the Dalits, tribals and minorities, the Goals offer a real hope to achieve better education, health and livelihood. Mission Ustaad will act as a reminder that time is running out."

I don't know if it will work, but it definitely is a noble cause. The kind of outreach these stars have through television is incredible, and if something good can come out of these reality shows (there is a new one almost every month), then I'm definitely for it.