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Friday, November 2, 2007

Still have hope for 2007!!

I particularly enjoyed Raja Sen's latest column on Rediff. He takes on the view that 2007 has been a repetitive, regressive year for Bollywood after 2006-- which was an amazing year for Bollywood. I agree with Sen's opinion. Although 2007 hasn't had as much of a spark with quality movies actually making money, great films are made-- and are being watched. Here are some of the greats for 2007:

  • Honeymoon Travels: This movie is incredibly entertaining, yet still hits on key issues like homosexuality and female identity. The film made money, was successful, and had actual substance.
  • Life in a Metro: Incredible performances. Original storyline. In my opinion, revolutionary music. The movie had some of the hottest names, but not hotter than some of its competition like Salaam-E-Ishq, which also was a story about a number of couples and their problems. And surprise! The film with the better star-cast, bigger banner, bigger names-- failed with the lesser known Life in a Metro was a hit. A good story is vital!
  • Chak De India: No love story, a film about sports, and one tat explored feminism in India-- loved it!
  • Dharm:
So we haven't seen the best films ever to come out of Bollywood this year. But we have seen the audience paying attention to better films. It's a start!