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Sunday, November 25, 2007

She's Back!!

There is much buzz in India (and now everywhere else) about a certain Bollywood actress, 42, with two kids, making her comeback after six years.

Yes, Madhuri's back! And it seems like everyone is excited (even the International Herald Tribune). What's significant is, in the very much male-dominated world of Bollywood (where most films have the actor in the lead role, where most actors get paid twice as much as actresses), Madhuri Dixit is returning to the film industry after having an illustrious career, after marriage, and at the age of 42, a very uncommon age for the female lead of a commercial film.

So maybe this means that women are getting more respected in Bollywood. With movies like Corporate, Dor, and Farah Khan, maybe we'll be seeing more mainstream films with better roles for women.

Or it could just be a phase. But let's hope for the better!

For now: check out the song that put Madhuri on the map!